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One-day admission prices:. All Rights Reserved. He was rude enough to be funny and still helped Sharra when she most needed it. Sharra herself was okay I suppose, quite horrified at her own abilities but unable or unwilling to use them to her advantage.

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Once the action got underway, Sharra and Maven sort of jumped around all over the place and finally ended up in a pretty exciting finale. Anni lives in Brisbane, Australia with her young family. She loves everything fantasy and science fiction and believes sleep is really very underrated.

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Her mother still secretly still carries on Jewish traditions and beliefs, which is a source of strain in the family but forges a lifelong identity for Amalia. We see Amalia as a girl translating for her deaf father in the court of Henry the Navigator in Portugal; as a married woman, living a false life as a converted Christian with an unscrupulous husband who commands voyages of discovery for the crown; as a young widow discovering a gift for poetry through the love of a Muslim man; as tutor to the grandchildren of the Caliph of Granada, and then to a young Princess Isabella, sequestered with her supposedly mad mother in rural Spain.

Throughout, Amalia has the protection and support of the Abravanel family, the most powerful Jews in Portugal and Spain, and when her daughter marries its brightest star, Isaac, Amalia lives the rest of her life as part of his entourage in the court of Ferdinand and Isabella. Amalia has a secret—unknown to her family, she has not yet decided whether she will go with her grandson when he arrives.

The Mapmaker's Daughter - Connecticut Historical Society

As she relives her past, voices and memories help her think through whether to join the Abravanel family in their dangerous flight into exile, or face the future alone as a forcibly baptized Christian, risking the wrath of the Inquisition by continuing privately to practice the faith of her ancestors. Catalan Atlas, detail, Europe and North Africa. Receive blog posts by email Name.