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  2. Changing trends in dermatoglyphic research.
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The preparation of a volume of worldwide research contributions can be a time- consuming task which is frequently more difficult than many other types of book. This particular venture was made easier by the assistance of many people. Therefore, we wish to acknowledge: the suggestions, academic support and direction of Dr. Kenneth M. Weiss, our American editor; the assistance of the staff of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Northern Iowa, particularly the generous and congenial efforts of Ms. Rosemarie Skaine and Mrs. They are mainly under genetic control and can be used in the diagnosis of congenital malformations.

Their uniqueness has led to the analyses of one's potential and preferences. During development, various creases develop on the brain and are reflected on fingerprints representing various regions of the brain and are commonly being used in dermatoglyphics mental intelligence test.

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Some parents have started analyzing their children' fingerprints in early age to understand their innate characters and learning potential in terms of personal, educational, or for preference in any other enterprise. Users Online: Alter M. Dermatoglyphic analysis as a diagnostic tool. Medicine Baltimore ; Palmar and digital dermatoglyphics in congenitally deaf subjects. Athanikar KA. Dermatoglyphics in deaf-mute — An early diagnostic tool. Indian J Otolaryngol ; Penrose LS.

Changing trends in dermatoglyphic research.

Medical significance of finger-prints and related phenomenon. Br Med Bull ; Thompson MW.

Genetics in Medicines. USA: W. Saunders Company; Parikh CK. Parikh's Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology. Delhi: CBS Publishers; Sci Am ; Holt SB. Quantitative genetics of finger-print patterns. Fang TC. A note on the a-b ridge count and intelligence.

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J Ment Sci ; Miller JR. J Invest Dermatol ; The single transverse palm crease in infants and children.

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Dev Med Child Neurol ; A dermal configurations in diagnosis of Down syndrome. Basel ; Unusual dermatoglyphics associated with major congenital malformations. Durham , C.

ISBN 13: 9780792309635

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Trends in dermatoglyphic research | SpringerLink

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