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  4. BY Paramahansa Yogananda
  5. Welcome to Gentle Whispers from Eternity

Help me to Win the Battle of Life Demand to eject enemies of Bad Habits Demand not to be enslaved by the ego, or by ego-centered passivity I offer Thee a Garland of Devotion Demand to set fire to the Forest of Darkness Save me from Wrong Beliefs Lead my body-chariot on the Right Path Teach me not to be deceived by the Senses Teach me, that my Senses contact nothing but the Good Keep me away from Evil Demand for the rising of the Aurora of Intuition Keep my Spiritual Eye open forever With every stroke of my Prayer I move nearer to Thee Demand to be fed with the Cosmic Rays Demand for the Cure of the Anger Habit Demand to be able to Conquer Fear Demand for Control of the Unruly Senses Make me feel that everything is Joy Slip Thy little dewdrop into Thy great lake—not to become lost, but to merge into oneness with Thee The fire of my ambition, and all my rainbow-dreams, are focused on Thee I have sought to buy everything but Thy plenty.

I pray now: Give me Thyself Teach us to consider no work more important than Thy Work Bury the seeds of my Devotion in Thy heart-soil I want to know: wilt Thou be Mine? Teach me to drown in Thy Light and Live I want to pour the scent of gratefulness at Thy feet My Soul-Submarine is searching for Thee I locked my Sacred Aspirations in my Soul-Vault Dance in me Thy dance of Infinity We are Thy sense-burned children, wailing for Thy help Blow Thy music through my Shattered Reed Heal my Nerves, and install in me new ones, resonant with Thy joy Make us Transparent, that Thy Light may shine through us unimpeded Teach me to Conquer Discord by holding close my own Harmony Baptize me in the flood of Thy Grace Demanding Forgiveness Emerging from the Cocoon of Ignorance I will hop from Eternity to Eternity I want to be Thy Bird of Paradise Bless Thy Hummingbird to drink of Thy honey Many Doors opened before Me Driving the Rebel-King, Ignorance Cure Spiritual Deafness and make me listen to the chorus of Noble Qualities Teach me to spend for Others as I spend for Myself Teach me to see Thine Omnipresent Spirit suffering in the sick Let my songs resound with the magic power of Thy Voice I will be Thine always I Baptize myself in the waters of my Tears of Love Reinforce, Thou, all our blended Prayers Rock me to sleep on Thy Bosom of Peace Perching in the trees of many Lives, I sang Thy songs Endless thrills of delight Teach me to bring all Goodness into the net of my consciousness I vow never again to turn my Gaze from Thee In the Bursts of Blue Brine my spirit bounds with Thee Save us from Religious Bigotry Prayer-demand to reach the One Highway of Realization Flowers and Skies, heralds of Thee Divine Mother, come Thyself into the waiting Temple of our Love Thou didst reveal Thy silver rays of Speaking Silence In the Temple of United Hearts I pour out my Love at Thy Feet of Immortality All futurity danced in me the Infinite Rhythm With the Torch of our Devotion, blaze away our dark indifference The Rocket of my Love My lost Music sprang from the Heart of everything The imprisoned Bird of Omnipresence was released A Prayer.

Thou art Love because my Mother loves me By loving all my Friends may I find Thy love Teach me to give Smiles to all Come to me as Peace in sleep, and as Joy when I am awake Thou art so plainly Present everywhere; I bow to Thee My parents and friends Love me, dear Father, because Thou Lovest me Thou art the Cause of everything: I bow to Thee I bow to Thee in the sunshine, breeze, dawn, and hearts of Loving Friends Teach me to find Happiness in the Joy of others Teach me to feel Thee as Silence when I close my eyes.

O you, who have come to the portals of this book of prayer-demands: Pass not by in haste. Every day, take one prayer-demand at a time, and read it carefully.

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First, get the intellectual concept, and concentrate on it, addressing yourself to God with focused, unceasing, urgent mental whispers. Your demand must be individualized. Fragrant flower-thoughts will blossom in your heart from that original prayer-plant—thoughts born of concentration and inner experiences, and watered by the divine dew of that grace which is attracted by meditation.

Each thought-empowered word shall then wear for you a bright, flaming garment. Each word shall be a guiding torchlight in the procession of your prayer-thoughts as you march toward God. Each word will spread light to illumine the path of some lost brother on the way. Each word-song will sing a song that God Himself has sung, revealing some lost gem of truth.

Each word torch will illumine some dark corner in your mind. Each thought will pour forth a silent sermon of His sacred Bliss.

Whispers from Eternity

O Spirit, I bow to Thee in front of me, behind me, on the left, and on the right. I bow to Thee above and beneath. I bow to Thee all around me. I bow to Thee within and without. I bow to Thee everywhere, for Thou art everywhere. Thou art our Father. We are made in Thine image.

We are Thy children. We neither ask nor pray as beggars, but demand of Thee, as Thy children, the gifts of wisdom, salvation, health, happiness, and eternal joy. Whether naughty or good, we are still Thy children, all of us. Help us to perceive and understand, inwardly, Thy will for us. Teach us the independent use of our human will since Thou gavest it to us to use freely , attuned to Thy wisdom-guided will. O Spirit, teach us to heal our bodies by re-charging them with Thy cosmic energy; to heal our minds by concentration and pleasant smiles; and our souls by meditation-born intuition.

May the religion of matter-worship be converted into loving, direct worship of Thee. Since, without Thy power to love, we cannot truly love anything, may we love Thee first and above everything else.

Whispers From Eternity

May the heavenly kingdom of Bliss, where Thou dwellest, manifest itself with all its divine qualities on earth, and may all lands be freed from limitations, imperfections, and miseries. Let Thy kingdom within us manifest itself without. Father, leave us not in the pit of temptations, into which we fell by the misuse of Thy gift of reason. When we become freer and stronger—should it be Thy wish to test us, to see whether we love Thee more than any temptation—then, Father, make Thyself more tempting than temptation!

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O Father, if it be Thy wish to test us, help us keep our will power strong enough to meet all Thy tests. Give us our daily bread: food, health, and prosperity for the body; efficiency for the mind; and, above all, Thy wisdom and love for our souls.

Teach us to deliver ourselves, with Thy help, from the meshes of ignorance which we have woven through our own carelessness. In life and death, in disease, famine, pestilence, and poverty, I cling to Thee who alone canst show me that, in all dualities of life-experiences, my soul remains unharmed.

BY Paramahansa Yogananda

Thou wilt ever protect me, and make me realize that I am immortal, untouched by the changing conditions of childhood, youth, and age, and of world conditions, whether in peace or in upheaval. With a myriad of living thoughts of devotion, I have built for Thee a temple of awakened silence. I have brought the multicolored lamps of wisdom from all valid faiths. They shine with the luster of Thy one truth.

The commingled incense of human craving for Thy love soars up in spirals from the incense-bowl of our hearts. Thy sacred presence shines on altars everywhere. All prayers of all temples, tabernacles, churches, mosques, and viharas are chanting to Thee in the universal language of deep love. The orchestra of our combined feelings plays in harmony with the chorus of all soul-songs, with the cry of all tears, with the bursting shout of all joys, and with the united anthem of all prayers. In this wall-less cosmic temple of the soul, we worship Thee our one Father. Be pleased to reveal Thyself to us always.

Amen, Aum, Amin. O Infinite Spirit, I shall worship Thee today as finite. O Cosmic Silence, I shall hear Thine unheard voice through the murmur of brooks, through the songs of nightingales, through the sound of blown conch-shells, through the beat of ocean waves, and through the hum of all vibrations. India-wise, in the cosmic temple of my mind, I shall worship Thee ceremoniously, with clanging bells in my heart, O Idol of Finitude! In reverence I shall behold Thy face glowing red with vital power in the sun, and bestowing soothing moonbeam-glances to dispel all gloom.

I shall no more consider Thee unseen, for, in worship, I shall look straight into and through Thy finite, starry eyes to behold Thy mystic heart. With Thy breath in the heaving wind I shall mix my breath, borrowed from Thee. Wordless chants of my yearning for Thee will pulse with the cadence of my heart-throbs. I shall feel Thy heart beating in all hearts. I shall watch Thy hands working in the law of gravitation, and in all cosmic forces. In the footfalls of all living creatures I shall hear Thy footsteps.

In worship I shall behold Thy vast, skiey body, alternately adorned with stars on the dark, twinkling veil of night, and Thy coming light with the pale light of the dawn.

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I shall behold Thee heralding the night with the grey twilight. O my Cosmic Idol, garlanded with stringed beads of the Milky Way, diademed with the rainbow, festively arrayed with the diamonds of all glittering stars and planets, I bow to Thee! The glistening skin of the sky perspires rain with Thy life, and Thy blood runs through Thy veins of rivers, streams, brooks and in the blood flow of all men.

No more shall I worship Thee as unseen, but as my visible, embodied Cosmic Idol. The temple-bells of harmony in Nature, the drumbeats of mighty sea-swells, the myriad votive candles of prayer and chanting in all churches devotion-flowers from the garden of all souls , and the incense of all aspiring loves—all these have I assembled for Thy worship, O visible Idol of my soul! With open eyes and with the eye of my mind, let me behold Thee, my living Idol of God in Nature. Let me worship Thee vocally and with mental chants, with the bouquet of devotion, with serviceful activity, and with wisdom; above all, let it be with the language of love, with heart-whispers, with tearless tears in meditation, and with the silent sobs of intuition.

O Mother of time, space, form, and relativity: Thou hast taken a finite form—Kali-Divine, colossal idol-symbol of all-sheltering Nature. The invisible Spirit assumed Thy form as our visible Mother Divine. In Thee throbs the heart of all-protecting, mothering kindness. O Mother Divine! The moon is set like a beauty-mark between Thy two dark eyebrows of twilight and night.

Clouds of eternity veil Thy face.

Welcome to Gentle Whispers from Eternity

Gusts of prophetic lives have tried from time to time briefly to blow away Thy veil of mystery, and momentarily to reveal Thy face, so long unseen by our stares of ignorance. But who, truly, can fathom Thee? O Mother Divine, in the dawn of creation I beheld Thee on the pathway of time, roaming in the rustic garb of primitive cultures, wearing the garments of untamed Nature and the garlands of unpolished minds that are conscious only of opaque, solid forms.

In the noon-day of creation I beheld Thee in a lustrous garment of sunny minds, scorching men in the hot fire of their own desires. Thy body of activity perspired with restlessness. All Thy children felt the strain of the struggle, and implored Thee for the cooling breeze of Thy peace. In Thy noon-hour of fulfillment Thou didst visit equally the dark slums of misery, the glad halls of prosperity, and calm shrines of peaceful wisdom. In Thy mid-day attire of awakening, Thou didst travel through festive centuries, beholding the dream of human life and death, of planetary evolution and dissolution, of the birth and death of civilizations, of the drama of world-unfolding nebulae dreaming new-born planets, of earthquakes, and of limited dissolutions.

Then the dark night of cosmic dissolution approached, and Thou didst wear the dark, grim veil of mourning, putting Creation through the terrible, fiery, but purifying ordeal of universal destruction. The sun burst and belched fire; a cosmic shudder broke the bowl of the sky, dropping embers of meteors; and all Creation became a furnace of flames.

Everything became fire: matter, human sins, and darkness—everything was cast into Thy crucible to be made pure and luminous.

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  • Creation emerged again from the fire. Beneath the ashes of matter, the embers of Creation slept for a time, and then, rocked by Thy hands, O Mother Divine, awoke again in its body of pure flames. Thy one hand of power wakes the unseen, creative force, taking many-hued, finite forms. Another hand holds the astral sword of preservation, keeping all planets swinging in the rhythm of balance.

    Paramahansa Yogananda and Self-Realization Fellowship

    Thy third hand clutches the severed head of the cosmos, representing complete dissolution when all Creation sleeps in Thee. Thy fourth hand calms the storm of delusion and bestows rays of salvation on Thy seeking devotees. O Kali, Thou Cosmic Mother of all creative activity, garlanded by all human minds; Thy rhythmic, wild dance of creation ceases only when Thy foot touches the breast of Thy Invisible Consort of transcendent Spirit—Shiva, in whom all creation rests.

    O Mother of Progress, I hear Thy dance of life in the tinkling little bells of laughing, harmonious lives. On the floor of my tender thoughts, Thine inspirations dance softly in rhythm with the music of the spheres.